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Karachi journalists’ condemns harassment of TV anchor Absa Komal

The Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) has strongly condemned the campaign against and humiliation of female TV anchor Absa Komal.

KUJ President Ijaz Ahmed, General Secretary Aajez Jamali, Vice President Lubna Jarrar and all members of the Executive Council said in a statement that Absa Komal is a journalist and anchor and has the right to interview anyone.

The statement said some people were campaigning to harass the female journalist, which is a despicable act that deserves less condemnation.

The KUJ has always protected the rights of journalists in the media. The KUJ has a large number of women and officials.

KUJ Vice President Lubna Jarrar has said that women journalists face innumerable difficulties while working. Women journalists face online harassment and intimidation.

The body strongly condemned the online attacks on women journalists and assures Absa Komal of its full support and strongly condemns the immoral and vulgar language against Absa Komal.

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