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Karachi Expo Centre to operate as ‘10,000-bed hospital’ for coronavirus patients

The provincial government of Sindh government has decided to make Expo Centre, which is situated on Karachi’s University Road, a quarantine facility for the time being if the coronavirus situation turns aggravating.

“We have identified [Expo Centre] and some other spots only as a precautionary measure, if God forbid, the outbreak worsens,” Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah said.

 “We have taken necessary measures but people need to be careful as well,” he was quoted as saying in a report.

At least 304 known cases of the virus have been reported in Pakistan so far, of which, 211 are in Sindh. Around 41 cases of local transmission have been reported in the province.

He assured that the provincial government has made isolation wards in Labour department flats near the Northern Bypass that have capacity of 4,000 people and another building in Malir that can accommodate 2,000 people.

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