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Karachi citizens throw garbage in KE vans over KMC charges collection

Karachiites are suffering the burden of high electricity bills with no end in sight to the frequent load-shedding by the city’s electricity provider, K-Electric.

Once again, KE became a reason for the frustration of citizens after the announcement of a further hike in electricity bills on account of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) tax payments.

Reacting to it, flustered citizens have launched a campaign of throwing garbage into KE vans, it emerged Sunday. In one such incident, some citizens flung garbage bags into a KE van visiting a neighbourhood in Karachi for routine work.

A video of the incident went viral on social media. In it, some men were seen running after picking up garbage bags from the bins installed by the KMC in the area, and hurled them into a KE van passing by.

The men were heard shouting “kachra le jao (take the garbage with you”. Offended by the act, KE workers stopped the van and one of them got off to inquire what happened.

“Bhai you are charging KMC’s tax from us […] so take the garbage with you,” a man said. The KE workers, realising there was no way to stop the citizens, silently drove away.

Soon after the video went viral, another video emerged of citizens dumping loads of garbage outside a KE office near Power House in New Karachi.

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