JUI-F leader, Mufti Azizur Rehman

JUI-F leader and cleric who abused student at madrasa arrested

Days after uproar on the social media over abuse of madrassa student by cleric and JUI-F leader, Police have arrested Mufti Azizur Rehman and his sons from Mianwali.

A video featuring Rehman went viral on social media in which he could be seen sexually abusing a seminary student. 

The student had said Rehman sexually abused him, while the cleric’s sons started blackmailing and threatening to kill him.

WATCH: Cleric and JUI-F leader caught on camera abusing madarasa student

“If justice is not done, I will commit suicide,” the survivor had said.

Rehman and his sons fled after police registered a case against them and conducted raids to arrest the suspects.

The superintendent of the madrassa, where Rehman worked, had said that the cleric had been fired after the video went viral. 

Superintendent Asadullah Farooq had said Rehman and his sons had been asked to leave the madrassa and the institution was not responsible for any of their acts.

Meanwhile, JUI Lahore’s secretary-general had also issued a notice stating that after the video, the party had suspended the membership of Mufti Rehman and that it would remain revoked till the investigation concludes.

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