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Johnny Depp’s former neighbor accuses actor of ‘spitting in my face’

Johnny Depp’s former neighbour accuses the actor of having once ‘spat in my face’ while ‘screaming and cursing’.

This revelation has been made in an unearthed taped deposition taken in November 2019 and even played at the trial without causing much of a stir at the time.

However, many eagle-eyed observers made the re-discovery while combing through trial moments and they include one where Mr Depp’s former neighbour.

It is important to note that the neighbour, Drew was only married to Ms Heard’s old pal Raquel Pennington and they lived in one of the same penthouses.

According to Yahoo, Drew highlighted the entire altercation and explained, “He came in, caught eyes with me right away, and bee-lined for me, screaming, cursing, spitting in my face.”

“I walked calmly to leave, realized I had forgotten my keys and dog so walked back to turn around to go get both. He stayed and followed with me, walking, pacing, screaming, cursing, spitting in my face.”

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