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Jemima supports Imran in his rape-obscenity statement

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith has tweeted that Imran, whom I knew, used to say that a man’s eyes should be covered, not a woman’s.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 4 said in a direct telephone conversation with the public about the rising incidence of rape in the country, “When you spread obscenity in society, the incidence of rape will increase.”

The Prime Minister’s statement sparked a war on social media and people said that clothing was not the reason for the abuse. What is the relationship between abuse of five and six year old girl and dress? In addition, human rights organizations in Pakistan, including several prominent women, condemned the statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan and demanded that he withdraw it.

Following criticism of the PM’s statement, his ex-wife Jemima tweeted. She shared the news of the Prime Minister’s statement on her Twitter account, citing a verse from the Holy Qur’an in which men are commanded to lower their gaze and protect their private parts.

After that, Jemima tweeted and wrote, “I hope Imran Khan’s statement has been misinterpreted or misrepresented.” 

Because Imran, whom I knew, always used to say, “The veil should be put on the eyes of men and not on women.”

The Prime Minister said that strict ordinances have been brought to prevent incidents of abuse, religion has taught us the veil to save the family system, behind the veil ideology of Islam is to save the family system and protect women, when If you spread obscenity in the society, the incidence of rape will increase. In Europe, the family system has now been destroyed. Seeing these things, I spoke to President Erdogan and brought Turkish drama here.

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