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Ivanka’s trademark requests were speedily approved by China after Trump victory

The Chinese government granted a total of 41 trademarks to companies linked to Ivanka Trump by April of 2019, according to Forbes report.

The report says the trademarks Ivanka applied for after her father became president got approved about 40% faster than those she requested before Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, according to a new book by Forbes’ senior editor Dan Alexander.

Over a span of two months in late 2018, the Chinese government granted 18 trademarks to companies linked to President Trump and his daughter.

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In October alone, according to the Associated Press, China’s Trademark Office granted provisional approval for 16 trademarks to Ivanka Trump Marks LLC. The new approvals covered Ivanka-branded fashion gear, including sunglasses, handbags, shoes and jewelry, as well as beauty services and voting machines.

In January of 2019, China granted Ivanka’s company preliminary approval for another five trademarks covering child care centers, wedding dresses, and art valuation services. The applications were filed in 2016 and 2017. 

In her first memoir, The Trump Card, Ivanka stated she paid full price for an expensive two-room apartment inside a Trump-owned building in New York City, but financial documents cited in Alexander’s book reveal Trump paid just $1.5 million, or $968 per square foot, for the apartment, while other tenants in the building paid on average $1,667 square foot. 

 “Ivanka receives preliminary approval for these new Chinese trademarks while her father continues to wage a trade war with China. Since she has retained her foreign trademarks, the public will continue to have to ask whether President Trump has made foreign policy decisions in the interest of his and his family’s businesses,” wrote government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. 

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