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Security breach: Did you know what happened at the Islamabad Airport canteen last week?

The Minister for Aviation, Mohammad Mian Soomro has ordered an inquiry into the incident that sparked panic at the Islamabad Airport on March 10 (Saturday).

The incident occurred last week in which some unknown armed men had barged into the canteen of Civil Aviation Authority and shut it down while hurling threats at CAA staffers.

It was reported that the assailants broke into the canteen on Saturday, hurled threats at staffers and also locked them up in the canteen. The authorities soon reached the scene and set free those trapped inside.

The assailants also damaged the CCTV system and took it with them.

Reports say that a former contractor for the canteen along with 12 accomplices broke into the building and held the canteen’s manager and security guards. The assailants then kicked out those present inside the canteen and locked it from outside.

The canteen’s former contractor said he had constructed the canteen and was running it for several months, but added that four months ago CAA issued a tender for the canteen, which he claimed was given to a private firm.

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