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Is PIA really selling its Roosevelt Hotel in New York?

PIA is not selling the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, the Islamabad High Court was informed on July 15.

Deputy Attorney-General Raja Khalid Mehmood said it is not being sold or privatised after which the court disposed of the petition challenging the privatisation of the PIA-owned hotel.

Justice Aamer Farooq asked if the government is planning to run the hotel through a joint venture. Mehmood, however, said that these are just rumours as nothing has been finalised yet.

The petition was submitted by Advocate Mian Ghaffar on behalf of lawyer Sharif Sabir. He said that every government has tried to sell the hotel or privatise it.

The petitioner claimed that Zulfi Bukhari, the special assistant to PM on Overseas Pakistanis, is interested in buying the hotel at a low cost.

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