cold plunging

Is cold plunging worth it? This is what scientists say

Prominent celebrities and influencers are taking over the cold plunging trend, as ice baths are scientifically proven to be a beneficial exercise in order to tackle mental drain and energy deficiency.

Cold water immersion or ice baths have been used as regular exercise by athletes to recover from heavy training and stress.

Now, more people are trying this exercise to drain their stress conditions and lack of routine productivity.

The viral trend of cold plunging is being done by top celebrities and influencers, immersing themselves in the icy waters.

“It’s 8 in the morning. The pool is 58 degrees. Oooo baby,” actress Kristen Bell said in a post.

“I can’t feel my feet or my hands,” actor Zac Efron said in another post.

Cold is all the craze and it’s a trend sweeping the country.

“You have mental resilience at your fingertips. You have productivity, your focus, you have just like this euphoric sensation,” Shinjini Sur said.

“You get a bunch of energy,” Shelby Doner said.

“I definitely get this rush of, like, adrenaline and serotonin and dopamine,” Erin Stanczyk said.

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