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Instagram model claims shampoo makes people gain weight, gets ridiculed

Eleni Chechopolous told her 11,000 followers that their “battle with the scale” could be down to their choice of haircare.

Alongside an image of her holding a bottle of Pantene, Eleni wrote: “Is your shampoo making you gain weight?

“First its calories, then it’s hormones, then it’s gut health… now it’s my shampoo!”

“Even though you eat healthy and exercise every day, you might still battle the scale because of your SHAMPOO. “

Eleni referenced studies on mice to support her claims, but they were dismissed by health and fitness expert, Belinda MacDougall.

Speaking to, Belinda said: “To say shampoo is the reason we are overweight is ridiculous and while chemicals in all beauty products can be bad for our health, weight gain is far more related to what we eat.”

Meanwhile, Nutrition therapist Ian Marber, author of 13 nutrition books, told Insider that Chechopoulos’ comments are “madness.”

What she said is not entirely fabricated, he said, but she has wildly exaggerated the idea that chemicals found in these products could have any real impact on weight.

“There is a teeny grain of truth in that some chemicals may have a minor, tiny influence on hormones, but stretching it to suggest anything like she is suggesting is madness,” Marber explained.

“Imagine suggesting that shower curtains can affect hormones and thus you will gain or fail to lose weight,” Marber added. “There is more than enough anxiety about health and nutrition without extending it to shampoo and grocery store receipts.”

Another nutritionist Jenny Rosborough agrees that there’s an issue with the lack of regulation for people dispelling health advice online.

“We live in an environment which promotes the overconsumption of food and drinks high in calories, saturated fat, salt, and sugar through an increase in accessible ultra-processed products, industry tactics, and living conditions,” she told the website.

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