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Indian woman approaches court against Prince Harry for ‘illicit affair with her’

A woman in India, who claims to be tricked by British Prince Harry into having an affair with him, has filed a lawsuit in a state court.

The woman pleaded for legal action against the British prince for not fulfilling her alleged promise to marry him.

Petitioner Palwinder Kaur claims that she has been exchanging emails with ‘Prince Harry’.

In India, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that men may have been working in a cybercafe in a village in the northern state of Punjab and “looking for green gardens for himself.”

Justice Arvind Singh rejected the woman’s plea. The petition also asked the court to direct the British police to issue an arrest warrant for the Duke of Sussex so that they could marry the British prince without further delay.

Palwinder Kaur, who has never been to the UK, said she had only been talking to ‘Prince Harry’ on social media. He said he also sent a message to Prince Charles telling him that his son had established a relationship with her.

“This request is nothing more than a dream come true with Prince Harry,” Justice Sangun said.

According to the trial documents: ‘The petitioner himself is a lawyer. In her petition, she called for legal action against Prince Harry Middleton, son of British citizens Prince Charles Middleton, and to direct the British police cell to take action against the prince for fulfilling his promise to marry the petitioner. Did not

The petition also requested that an arrest warrant be issued for the prince so that the marriage could take place without any further delay.

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