Indian woman, Supreme Imperium

Indian woman changes her name to ‘Supreme Imperium’ and people can’t handle it

A woman in India has advertised her name change in a newspaper, in which she has given her a new name ‘Supreme Imperium’ that has caused a storm of laughter on the internet and people have started searching for her.

According to the India Times, the woman, a resident of the Indian state of West Bengal, was named Anamika Mazmudar, who has now changed her name to ‘Supreme Imperium’.

Report says a Twitter user named Lane Manam Mariatha has posted a picture of the advertisement in a tweet which is going viral and people are amazed at the new name of the woman. Mariatha tweeted, “I want to know the story of this woman.” A girl named Anachal Agrawal wrote: So he changed his name for the sake of this money so that he could cash this check. ” 

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