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Corona-infected Indian singer Kanika Kapoor complains of poor facilities at hospital

Indian playback singer Kanika Kapoor after unleashing the wrath of the public, now seems to be irking the hospital and medical staff during her treatment for the coronavirus.

The singer was tested once again for COVID-19 at the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences following complaints from her family regarding the first test.

The singer had also complained earlier about her hospital room being “dusty” and having mosquitoes in them.

However, dismissing those claims, Dr RK Dhiman, director of the hospital, said she is being given all the best facilities and her claims are baseless.

“The hospital staff at her disposal is for a four-hour shift during which they cannot eat or drink because they wear anti-infection equipment. Every four hours one team is “donned off” their gear and another shift takes over. The room is cleaned every four hours. Kanika Kapoor’s claims are all baseless,” he said in an interview to Ahmedabad Mirror.

“Kanika Kapoor has been provided with the best that is possible in a hospital. She must co-operate as a patient and not throw tantrums of a star in Lucknow,” he had said in a statement as well later.

“She is being provided Gluten-free diet from the hospital kitchen. The facility provided to her is an isolated room with a toilet, patient-bed, and a television. The ventilation of her room is air-conditioned with a separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) for the COVID-19 unit.”

Kanika landed in India on March 9 from the UK and had travelled to Lucknow on March 11. Despite getting asked to self-quarantine herself, the singer had ignored the directives and had stayed at Lucknow’ Taj Mahal Hotel where she attended large public gatherings.

Earlier, legal action too had been taken with an FIR lodged against her. And as per the latest intel, two more have been filed against the singer over her irresponsible behavior.

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