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Indian PM Modi ‘changes his name to Chowkidar’

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making the most of his vibrant social media presence to gain mileage in the upcoming elections, and evade his dethroning with a power of balloting enjoyed by people.

Narendra Modi has added the prefix ‘Chowkidar‘ (watchman) to his official Twitter profile as part of a campaign ahead of national elections scheduled for next month.

In the Indian elections of 2014, Modi associated the term ‘chowkidar‘ to himself in a bid to ensure people of safeguarding the interests of India.

But like all of us, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi could not help sneering about the use of Chowkidar phrase by Modi.

Gandhi created a slogan for his political opponent: “Chowkidar chor hai (the watchman is a thief)” — based on allegations that Modi’s government was involved in corruption by purchasing overpriced Rafale fighter jets from France.

Modi, who has a massive Twitter following of 46.4 million people, attempted to counter Congress’s jibes and started the #MainBhiChowkidar (I am a watchman too) campaign on the social media.

“Your Chowkidar is standing firm & serving the nation,” the Indian prime minister had tweeted, adding that he wasn’t alone and that everyone fighting “corruption, dirt, social evils” is a chowkidar. A video posted along with the tweet showed Indians from different walks of life signing the song “Main bhi chowkidar hoon.”

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