Indian couple, intimate wedding photoshoot, criticism

Under-fire Indian couple refuses to remove intimate wedding photoshoot

An Indian couple – who were targeted online after they shared pictures from their intimate wedding shoot on social media – denied to take down pictures.

The couple, Lekshmi and Hrushi Karthik, who walked the aisle in a small ceremony in September, was bullied by social media users unapologetically after they uploaded pictures of them giggling, hugging, and chasing after each other in a field, wrapped in white silk comforters, reported BBC.

“Ours was an arranged-cum-love marriage,” Lekshmi told BBC, sharing that their idea was to have a post-wedding photoshoot that would be “memorable” to make up for their “subdued marriage ceremony” due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Delving into the details about the controversial photoshoot, the couple shared that one of their friends had clicked the pictures after they decided to pose for a “romantic and intimate photoshoot” that could make up for their modest affair that was only attended by approximately 50 guests.

Indian couple, intimate wedding photoshoot, criticism

“It was great fun. We laughed through it. We were really excited about it. It was a part of our honeymoon, we were just married and we felt free,” Lakshmi recalled.

Things turned ugly for the newly-wed after they shared their pictures on social media to announce their marriage to the world.

“Trolls described the photos as ugly, vulgar and shameful; some said they were pornographic….[]; some advised them to get a room,” read the publication.

“We received two days of relentless hate,” says Lekshmi. “People said we were showing nudity, they said we were doing it for attention and seeking publicity,” the couple told BBC.

Decrying that most of the criticism was pointed at her, Lekshmi shared: “It was really awful for me. They were harassing me much more than him. They were telling me to act in porn films, I was body shamed.

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