Mahima Nambiar, lockdown

Indian actress Mahima Nambiar reveals what she did the most during lockdown

‘Magamuni’ actress Mahima Nambiar spent her time at home during the lockdown days. Now, she has revealed how she had passed her days during the lockdown.

Sharing a photograph of herself, sitting by the widow, she wrote, “How my days are spent! Sitting in this corner of my room, listening to the rain fall, sipping a cup of coffee while reading a book 📖 Not a book worm though 💁🏻‍♀️ #thenewaddiction #quarantineaddiction #notabookworm #coffeeandrain #beautifulrainyday #starsinmyroom (sic).”

As they all have a lot of time in hand with no shoots and other film commitments happening now, many celebs are taking to new interests and hobbies. And Mahima seems to have found a new interest in reading. Earlier, Mahima had given her fans a sneak peek at a wall painting done by her. Posting a video snippet, she wrote, “Quarantine brings out the Picasso in me 💁🏻‍♀️✍🏻 All u need is a wall , a pencil and a mother who is ok about you painting and messing up the walls ! #notaprofessional #quarantinetimepass #paintthewalls (sic).”

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