Imran Khan, inflation, Pakistan

Imran Khan shares story link of India inflation, says Pakistan is much better

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday resolved to bring down inflation further citing the constant decline of Sensitive Price Index (SPI) for two consecutive weeks.

In a tweet, the prime minister said the situation in Pakistan was much better than other countries in the subcontinent.

“Our Sensitive Price Index shows a decline for 2nd consecutive week, in contrast to the situation in other parts of the subcontinent. InshaAllah, we will bring inflation further under control,” Mr Khan commented on a media report showing constant high food prices in India.

According to the report, India’s retail inflation might stay high for at least three more months after hitting a six-year high in October, as excessive rain has damaged standing crops and seedlings while edible oils, the country imports, have become expensive.

Diwali greetings

Besides, Prime Minister Khan greeted the country’s Hindu community as they celebrated their colorful festival of Diwali.

“Wishing all our Hindu citizens a happy Diwali,” the PM said in a separate tweet.

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