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Imran Khan says govt will announce economic package on March 24

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government will announce an economic package to deal with the coronavirus situation.

He added the government is closely monitoring the matter and it will not hide facts from the public.

Addressing media persons in Islamabad on Friday, he said the government cannot move towards complete lockdown as it will directly affect labourers and daily wage workers. “We don’t have resources for a lockdown,” he was cited as saying in a report.

He pointed out coronavirus spread in Pakistan from Iran. The prime minister said that if chaos spreads in the country and the situation goes out of control, it will be destructive for the whole nation.

Imran said there is need to combat rumours related to coronavirus and the media should report facts with more responsibility. “Media and private TV channels should stop creating panic among the people,” the prime minister said.

He maintained that the government is preparing an economic package to deal with the pandemic which will be announced on Tuesday (March 24).

Imran added that he will address the nation twice in a week to update them on the issue.

The PM highlighted that the government cannot win battle against the deadly disease without the support and cooperation of the public.

He said it is very important that people who show symptoms of coronavirus must self-quarantine them. He said the people should also limit their social gatherings for the next one or two months.

The PM said the situation is being monitored and tracked on daily basis to gauge its impacts. He said experiences of various countries, especially China, will be utilized to tackle the menace of coronavirus.

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