Imran Khan, tax amnesty, Pakistan, 2019

Imran announces commission to investigate 10-year corruption

Prime Minister Imran Khan on June 11 announced a high powered commission to probe the unprecedented borrowing of Rs 24,000 billion in 10 years by PPP and the PML-N leaders and vowed to make an example of all those who ruthlessly plundered the country.

In a nationwide televised address, hours after the announcement of the national budget, he said ” Pakistan today is economically stable and my government is not under stress that the country will go bankrupt … Now, I will go after them … (the leaders of PPP and PML-N) and take them to task for looting the national wealth.”

“I will make them answerable. I will investigate, and I will not spare them even at the cost of my life,” an impassioned Imran Khan said.

Imran’s address followed the announcement of the national budget in which the government withdrew subsidies on many sectors and taxed almost all the sectors owing to serious economic crunch, and to offset the impact due to heavy borrowing by the previous governments.

He said he would personally supervise the commissioin; comprising teams from the IB, FIA, ISI, SECP, FBR etc to probe how and who borrowed the money, and where it was utilised.

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