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IMF says Pakistan’s economy to improve when PTI govt completes its term

Pakistan’s economic indicators may improve by the time PTI completes its term in 2023, according to an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report.

The report says Pakistan’s debt, spending and deficits will decline by 2023.

Government revenue is projected to improve from 15.1% to 17.7%. The debt-to-GDP ratio will fall from 87.2% to 78.3%. 

JUST A FEW DAYS AGO: IMF predicts Pakistan’s economy will recover in 2021

The budget deficit will be halved to 4% from the current 8%. In three years, government spending will also fall from 22.8% to 21.7%.

The IMF also predicts a primary balance surplus by 2022-23. The current fiscal year growth rate is 1%. It is expected to increase by 2% next year. It may further improve in 2023.

 However, recently in its report, IMF predicted that the unemployment rate in Pakistan will rise to 5.1% in the ongoing fiscal year.   

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