Imran Khan, Sharif family

‘I will not spare Sharif family until I am alive,” says Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that even if the government leaves, I will not give concessions to anyone including the ‘Sugar mafia.’

Imran Khan, in response to a direct question from the people, said that in the first and second wave of Corona, the nation followed the SOPs. The third wave of Corona is dangerous, the situation in India is in front of everyone, the cases in Bangladesh are also going up fast.

The Prime Minister said that cases are increasing in India, people are dying on the streets, there is lack of oxygen, it is a good thing that cases in Pakistan are not increasing rapidly, the nation is appealed to wear masks and maintain social distance. “Follow the rules, wear masks during Eid holidays and protect people from corona, people follow SOPs to avoid lockdown, lockdown affects the poorest people.”

The Prime Minister said that our biggest problem is inflation. He brought Shaukat Tareen to take steps to reduce inflation. Rising petrol and diesel prices directly lead to inflation. The lowest price is in Pakistan; things have become more expensive all over the world.

People are fed up with petty thieves but it does not destroy the nation, Shahbaz Sharif is not trying to run away, only one case against him is money laundering of Rs 7 billion, there are other cases as well, when If they want to build a house or buy a car, the money comes from outside, otherwise all their wealth is out, Nawaz Sharif’s sons live in houses worth billions of rupees in London, all the prisons in Pakistan are worth the charges against the thieves. “Even if I do, 7 billion rupees will not be made. I am accountable to Allah. I am afraid of God. I will not spare the big thieves.”

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