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I stay quiet about things I am unaware of, says Mahira Khan

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan says she speaks out about things close to her heart and stays silent about things that she doesn’t know enough about.

Mahira was in Dubai after being appointed as the official brand ambassador for the Pakistan Pavillion.

The Humsafar star spoke about her most recent role as Major General Nigar Johar in the telefilm Aik Hai Nigar, as well as her views on activism.

On being appointed as brand ambassador, Mahira shared, “I’m amazed, I’m so proud. We were just talking about this — how I was appointed as the brand ambassador of the pavilion itself. I’m happy that the Ministry of Commerce has taken an initiative. It starts from taking the initiative.” She added, “We’re all in positions of power. So when the Ministry says we want to do this, go ahead and do this, we support you — that’s huge. We’ve got all these talented people on board who are being supported by the government back home and by the UAE government as well.”

Speaking about multiculturalism in Pakistan, the actor commented, “Those of us who are from Pakistan, from Karachi, we’ve grown up seeing all the multicultural life in Pakistan. But when you see it through these films (screened in the pavilion) — you see cultural, religious diversity, you see how marriages in Punjab may be different from marriages in Hunza or Gilgit. It’s beautiful how they’ve showcased all these elements and the landscape.”

When questioned about activism, Mahira explained that the platform she is blessed with comes with a responsibility to speak up when needed. She shared, “One image, one video that we post makes a difference because we have that kind of following. You realise that you have this reach where people are clicking on your profile and that’s how your message gets amplified.”

She elaborated further on how she wouldn’t label herself as an ‘activist’, “As far as activism goes, yes, I do speak out about things close to my heart. I stay silent about things which I feel I don’t know enough about. But ‘activists’ are those who are actively working every day for a cause. So I don’t call myself an activist. I do try to use my platform for different causes but ‘activism’ is a wholly different ballgame.”

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