Ellie Goulding

‘I feel sad’: Ellie Goulding breaks silence on her ‘crippling anxiety’

Ellie Goulding is discussing her mental health and constant anxiety with the start of New Year.

Turning to her Instagram on Friday, the singer, who also welcomed motherhood this year, is opening up about her daily struggles.

In an emotional post, Ellie said: “Happy New Year everyone… This past year has been the very best of my life. I became a mother, the greatest joy I’ve know,” she began.

“I’ve had time to sit down with great musicians and writers and made exciting new music that I hope will give people who hear it the same euphoric escape that I experienced when writing it.

“I have released my first book, performed to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the President and Joni Mitchell (and I can’t explain how grateful I am for that privilege).

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