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‘I don’t think happiness lies in your report card”: Neha Dhupia on raising her kids

Neha Dhupia, at a recent interview for her short film Good Morning, opens up how she manages her life with her two kids and what is the idea she and Angad Bedi has while raising their kids, daughter Mehr and son Guriq.

In the trailer of the film, Neha can be seen giving her daughter advice to ‘Strive for Perfection’. Therefore, in the interview she was asked if she advices such perfection in her real life as well or not.

Dhupia revealed that she and her husband Angad Bedi wants to raise their kids; Mehr and Guriq with the idea that they have freedom to make their own choices and follow their dreams.

Neha Dhupia said: “Why do we do things that are perfect? We wanna make sure we are happy! I don’t think happiness lies your report cards, or the grades. Happiness lies in just being good, doing good, having a great value system.”

“That’s the value system we want to give our children as well. Being able to have the freedom to make a choice, to dream, and then follow that dream. And that what we’re raising our children with. Both Angad and I are not the finest when it comes to diving into books and academic. But we’re most definitely a clear example of living our dreams. If our children get to have the privilege of the latter, we’re totally okay with that, added the De Dana Dan actress.”

While talking about her role in Good Morning, she said, “I went into playing this character soon after giving birth to Guriq. So I was feeling a lot more emotional and full-up at that point.”

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