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‘I don’t know why people copy me, please stop doing that,’ says Meera

Famed Pakistani actress Meera says that there is more politics in our film industry than a parliament house.

During an interview in a TV show, Meera said that “I stepped into the Pakistani film industry at a young age and became a top heroine overnight, I played all kinds of roles and people liked me. If any superstar is fired at home, there will be comments on social media, this is not my place, I belong to the film industry, I have to make a film, the film industry should benefit from my skills and experience, such characters Write which I will fulfill. This will increase the quality of our films.”

Regarding her work in Indian films, Meera said that if she got a good job in Bollywood with dignity, she would definitely do it. “I support the Me Too Movement and the Women’s March.”

Meera said that there is more politics in the film industry than parliament houses, adding “the best politicians of Pakistan are Prime Minister Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif, I have more friends and fewer enemies in the film industry, President Arif Alvi is requested to be our Think about the well-being of people involved in the film industry.

Regarding various artists, Meera said in her replies that Reema is very talented, she should help people as a senior, she worked with Mahira Khan, she is a wonderful person, Saud has to work in films again.

When asked if she was copied by other TV actors, she said, “I don’t know why people copy me. Please stop all this. I don’t like it”

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