Sunny Deol, Balakot strike, Pakistan, India

WATCH: ‘I don’t know about Balakot strike, I just want to win election,’ says Sunny Deol

Bollywood actor-turned-politician Sunny Deol expressed ignorance about Balakot strike that India claimed to have carried out inside Pakistan’s territory in February and said he just want to win the election.

Questioned by a reporter during his rally, a reporter asked Deol’s take on the Balakot strike and the answer he got was a surprising one.

“I don’t know anything about “these things”. “What strikes? I don’t know anything about these things or India’s relations with Pakistan. I only want to win and serve the country.”


The BJP candidate also said that if he wins the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha constituency, he “maybe would have an opinion”. “Right now I don’t,” India Today quoted Sunny Deol as saying.

Praising Narendra Modi, Sunny Deol said that the prime minister has done a “good job” in last five years.

When he was asked if he was banking on the popularity of PM Modi, Sunny Deol said that he just wants to work for the country. “If I win, I will try to do good work,” he said.

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