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‘I am not afraid of losing my chair under minus-1’: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the opposition was insisting that the government would go home, but that was not going to happen at all.

Speaking in the National Assembly today, PM Imran said ‘they’ want minus-1 and throw me out to protect their mafias which are currently facing the pressure.

The Prime Minister said even if he was not there, others (from his party) will not spare the corrupt.

Regarding attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that without a shadow of doubt, the attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in Karachi yesterday which led to the martyrdom of two guards and a policeman before security forces killed all four attackers, was orchestrated in India.

Addressing the National Assembly session on Tuesday, he said our intelligence agencies were on high alert and it was because of their efforts that four of the terrorist attacks including two in the surroundings of Islamabad were preempted..

The Prime Minister said our neighboring country has a major plan to destabilize Pakistan.

“Even the world’s powerful army cannot stop such attacks,” he said and paid rich tribute to the security agencies.

Regarding lockdown in the country, Imran Khan said that he cannot shutdown the entire country by imposing lockdown, adding that he was never in favour of imposing complete lockdown.

Appreciating the performance of his team, the prime minister said that his government tried to keep our construction industry running.

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