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Homeless woman dances on road after getting job, video goes viral

A young woman went viral on social media after her boss shared a video where she is shown dancing a little jig after getting the job in Decatur, Georgia.

During this time of pandemic, many have lost their jobs, and certainly finding work is not an easy task, since many companies are struggling to survive. However, where there is talent and optimism, there is always hope.

Restaurant manager Dakara Spence shared the happy dance video, saying: “So, I just hired this young woman and this was her response.” 

She said to local news agencies, β€˜She had like a great energy, I felt it when she walked in, she seemed really positive.” So she decided to give her the job.

For Kayallah Jones, it was a moment of pure joy. She had been homeless for 2 years, and this job was godsend for her. β€œWhen I got outside I didn’t know that the cameras caught me,” she said.

Later, the young woman shared a photo on her Instagram and Twitter, where she says β€œmy first day was a lot of fun with the lady who made me viral.”

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