Hiba Bukhari

Hiba Bukhari says a woman advised her to shed weight to look ‘more pretty’

Actress Hiba Bukhari, who recently tied the knot, said that during a recent trip, a woman told her in front of everyone on a flight that “if I shed some weight, I will look incredible”.

Haba Bukhari recently appeared on the show ‘To Be Honest’ , where she talked about her career and showbiz industry while also narrating some interesting life events.

The interview was recorded a few months before Hiba Bukhari’s wedding, which was now released on January 19.

Two weeks before the interview, Hiba Bukhari tied the knot with her longtime friend and co-star in early January.

In a pre-wedding interview, Hiba Bukhari said that he was brought to the showbiz by well-known playwright Hasina Moin, who took permission from his father to act.

The actress said that before coming to showbiz, she was studying architecture when Hasina Moin offered her acting and then the playwright told her that she had also taken permission from Nadia Khan’s father and her father. Will also take

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