Hasnain Lehri Loujain Adada

Hasnain Lehri confirms his relationship with Loujain Adada

Renowned Pakistani model, Hasnain Lehri has announced his relationship with Dubai Bling star Loujain Adada.

Taking to Instagram, Lehri shared a stunning photo of himself and Adada in each other’s embrace. He also captioned the photo with a heartfelt message for his lady love.

“I thought fairy tales would never come true until I met my princess,” the caption read, followed by their initials “H” and “L” written with an infinity symbol.

Reciprocating the sentiments, Adada said, “My heart, H! Fairytales do come true.”

In 2012, Adada tied the knot with Walid Juffali, a late Saudi Arabian business magnate and billionaire. She was reportedly 25 years old and he was 60 at the time. Juffali passed away in 2016 after a long battle with cancer. The supermodel currently has two daughters.

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