gaza hospital missile

Has Israel targeted Gaza hospital with US-made R9X hellfire missiles?

For over a month now, Israel has launched relentless air strikes on the Palestinian territory in retaliation for the Hamas assault, and now Tel Aviv is reportedly using foreign-made weapons to target Gazans.

Jewish forces lately besieged Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, the leading medical facility, restricting ambulance movement while medical supplies and food are running low.

International media reported that a US-made R9X Hellfire missile was allegedly dropped on the courtyard of Al Shifa hospital, where Palestinians and some journalists took refuge.

Amid the contrasting claims, several users noted that those are not R9X hellfire missiles, but remains of an Israeli artillery illumination, the reality remains under wraps while the enclave is seeing the worst humanitarian crisis in recent times.

Israel has not commented on firing US-made missiles on Palestinians and even claimed not to target civilians and goes to great lengths to avoid hitting them, in contrast of what is happening in Gaza.

Jewish forces continued pounding Gaza from the air, sea and ground since October 7 when Palestinian armed group carried out an attack in which Israel said 1,400 people were killed and about over 200 abducted.

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