Pakistani female doctors, dentists, Pakistan vlogger, SOPs, coronavirus

Group of Karachi female doctors criticized for violating SOPs

A group of female doctors in Karachi was criticized on social media for violating the SOPs for coronavirus in reference to their picture while roaming out.

Known by the name of Maryam, Manahil and Leena, the trio also have their Instagram page where they post their vlogs and other social messages.

On twitter, Maryam shared a picture reflecting their busy routine at day and recreational outing at night.

Karachi female doctors, dentists, Karachi vlogger, SOPs, coronavirus

One user commented on the picture: “It means corona can hit you at day but not at night.” To which, Maryam responded that all of her group was vaccinated.

In reply from another user, it said: “if you’re vaccinated it doesn’t mean you won’t get the virus. vaccination only reduces the mortality rate. you can still be a carrier of the virus and infect other people. it doesn’t matter if you took off the mask only for “picture” you’re supposed to be home in the first place.”

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