Imran long march work from home

Govt says Imran’s long march has turned into ‘work from home’ revolution

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb quipped that the PTI’s long march had turned into “work from home” as she railed against former prime minister Imran Khan.

“I believe he was not hit by any bullet, he has been struck by grief and the long march has turned into work from home because it has failed miserably,” she said, adding that the nation was now aware of the party’s true intentions.

“There is just one watch. How did Umar Farooq [Zahoor] get it if he sold it to someone else?”

On foreign policy, she said wherever the PM went in the past six months, she said, tales of Imran’s “cheapness” are heard. “He insulted the country, he closed the CPEC projects…”

“You demanded accountability of 40 years,” she said while addressing Imran. “And they have provided receipts, unlike you — who only issued threats, hurled abuses and accusations.”

She excoriated Imran Khan for “speaking of justice” and yet under the KP government the “Ehtisaab Commission has been shuttered for 10 years”.

The information minister continued to upbraid Imran, saying “it was your government for four years — you put everyone and their children and daughters in jail, [of both] PPP and PML-N”.

“You did not have NAB but you had NAB’s video — through which you blackmailed [him]… and through him you used the entire state machinery…

“You made the Assets Recovery Unit under Shahzad Akbar — who turned the PM House into an asset-making machine — who are you to point fingers at anyone?”

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