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PM Imran Khan is not suffering from coronavirus, govt clarifies

The government has rebuffed reports that Prime Minister Imran Khan is suffering from Coronavirus as claimed in a media report.

PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan has issued a clarification after Arise TV claimed that the premier had tested positive for the virus. 

“News regarding PM Imran Khan tested positive for #Covid19 is NOT True. Please refrain from spreading Fake News. Arise TV please correct.

“May ALLAH keep everyone safe,” tweeted the PTI senator. “Prayers”.

The web channel’s tickers claimed that the prime minister had contracted the coronavirus. 

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“Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tests positive for coronavirus,” read the tickers. However, it provided no evidence to back the claim. 

The coronavirus has claimed more than 26,000 lives worldwide and infected a little over half a million people around the globe. 

The pandemic has rattled economies, triggered panic, fear, and anxiety, prompting millions to quarantine. After spreading from the wet markets in Wuhan to Asia, Europe, US, Canada, and other nations, the virus has infected people across 195 countries. 

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