Google Photos, unlimited storage

Google Photos ending unlimited storage from June 2021

You can continue enjoying free unlimited storage on Google Photos only till June 1, 2020 as the company is changing its policy after five years of free service.

After data of more than 15 gigabytes is stored, users will have to pay for extra space. Photos and documents uploaded before June 1st will not count against the 15GB cap.

Google already counts “original quality” photos against the cap, but taking away unlimited backup for high quality photos and video (which are automatically compressed for more efficient storage) takes away its biggest selling points.

However, Google has pointed out that 80% of Google Photos users won’t hit that 15GB cap for at least three years. Alerts will be sent to the users when they begin nearing the cap.

On the other hand, Pixel owners will still be able to upload high-quality (not original) photos for free after June 1 without those images counting against their cap.

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