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Girls consuming more drugs than boys in Pakistan, says minister

Minister for Narcotics Control Senator Prime Minister Azam Swati has revealed that girls are more drug users than boys in the country.

He also declared Karachi as the most dangerous city in terms of drugs consumption.

65% of students under the age of 30 are using drugs, he added.

Talking to media informally, he revealed that drugs are used most in educational institutions in Karachi.

Across the country, boys and girls are addicted to drugs, 65% of students under the age of 30 are using drugs, and a large number of girls are using drugs in universities.

Ice and synthetics are increasingly being used in educational institutions, with drugs being used in everything from candies and food.

The government is introducing a new drug policy to curb drug use in educational institutions.

More than 90 percent of the country’s drugs come from Afghanistan, making it necessary to place curbs on the Pak-Afghan border.

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