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Gang operating group ‘Karachi Call Center Jobs’ raped several boys who came for interview

Police have unearthed a racket of criminals running job scams on social media, and forcefully abusing young people arriving for interviews.

The culprits used to make unethical videos of interviewees and uploading videos to international porn applications.

The gang would operate through Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media applications to trap young people on pretext of giving them jobs.

A 15-year-old man who joined a group called * Karachi Call Center Jobs * was reportedly raped. The FIA Cyber Crime Circle team conducted raids in different areas of Karachi and nabbed two members of the group.

The arrested operatives of the group revealed they had raped several young men.

Several immoral videos were recovered from the mobile phones of the group’s operatives. One of the victims had contacted the FIA Cyber Crime Circle a few days ago

The young man was called for an interview at a flat on Drigh Road where he was abused and videotaped to blackmail him.

The gang members were blackmailing the young man and sending videos to his family. The group has also uploaded videos to other international social media applications.

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The group’s operatives were arrested from Gulistan-e-Jauhar and other places

Evidence of blackmail and dozens of videos of several victims have been found by the police.

This group lures young people for jobs, pays them to shoot immoral videos and uploads them on the international app.

Most of the victims did not complain to the police or the FIA to avoid being defamed.

This group used to upload videos on mobile App Grinder *, FIA Cyber Crime Circle revealed.

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