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REVEALED: ‘Friends’ killed newly-wed man in Karachi’s Korangi because of enmity over a girl

Police have finally reached conclusion in murder case of a newly-wed man who was shot dead in Korangi by two men for unexplained reasons.

Two men riding a motorcycle stop in front a man, one of them named Shahrukh disembarks from the bike, takes out his pistol and fires multiple shot at the man, identified as Muneeb, killing him on the spot.

The CCTV footage of the killing went viral on the social media, prompting police to arrest the criminals.

Police revealed that the killers were friends of the deceased and they worked at the same factory. It was revealed that the man was killed by his friends due to girl who also worked in the same factory.

A TikTok video screengrab of the killer

It also transpired that the killer who shot the man dead is also fond of TikTok and his account has also been unearthed.

Reportedly, in one of his TikTok videos the killer can be seen with a bottle of liquor.

Police are further investigating the case.

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