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Former actress Sana Khan ‘worried’ over her weight gain

Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan has apparently started worrying about her weight gain and sought suggestions from the fans about her dieting plan.

Yesterday, a video was shared by Sana Khan on Instagram in which she said that her husband Mufti Anas and her mother think that they have gained weight so they took these comments seriously.

Sana Khan said that she has started working because she feels that she has gained weight.

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Sana said that her husband and mother feel the same way, “My mother feels that my cheeks have become like rose hips and I have become ‘golo molo’ and if I am not here, she keeps teasing me on video calls’.

“It’s a very serious matter because mothers are the ones who never feel that their children are obese, but if my mother feels the same way, I have to do something,” she said.

In the shared video, the former actress will also have to do something, but she captioned the question, “When should I do this?”

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