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For the first time, a political leader in Pakistan will be indicted thru video link

An accountability court in Islamabad has decided to indict former president Asif Ali Zardari via video link on July 6 in the Park Lane reference. It is a part of the fake accounts cases against the PPP leader.

The court had initially decided to indict him on June 26 but the date was deferred as the PPP co-chairperson could not appear in court on Friday.

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Zardari filed for an exemption from appearance. His lawyer, Farooq H Naek, said that it is difficult for him to travel from Karachi to Islamabad. He is old and vulnerable to the coronavirus, he argued.

“But you Mr Naek, have come to court too,” remarked Judge Azam Khan. “Do you not fear for your life? If you are coming then you bring Zardari too.” He then asked if Zardari was admitted in a hospital.

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Zardari is at his home in Karachi, the judge was told. His doctors have advised him to not travel. He is also afraid of travelling by PIA now. The report on PK-8303 crash is out and you should look at the condition of the airline, said Naek, adding that international flights have stopped coming to Pakistan now.

The court asked if they can indict Zardari via video link. Judge Khan remarked that if Zardari can’t appear in person then he should appoint a person to appear for his indictment on his behalf.

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