Fiza Khawar

Fiza Khawar shares pain of losing loved ones in acts of violence

In the wake of the tragedy that struck Peshawar’s Sadar Police Lines on January 30, lawyer and social media influencer Fiza Khawar spoke with a heavy heart.

Her heart was filled with sorrow at the thought of her beloved uncle whom she had lost far too soon in a previous devastating act of violence. She was only 12 years old when her uncle was killed in a suicide bombing at a mosque, a tragedy that will haunt her and her family forever.

The devastating Peshawar mosque bombing has left the entire Pakistan in grief. Fiza took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the tragic incident.

Fiza said that no Pakistani ruler had been able to put an end to such atrocities. No one can take away the agony and suffering that the families of the victims were facing. There is no answer to why these tragedies happen, and it feels like they will never end. “All we can do is pray that these incidents of violence cease and that the families of the victims find peace and solace in these difficult times,” she said.

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