Female Pakistani major, Major Samia Rehman

Here’s what female Pakistani major says about working on foreign missions

Pakistan Army’s Major Samia Rehman has said that working under the flag of United Nations for peace and stability is an honor for the women peacekeepers

Major Samia Rehman’s experience as a peacekeeper in the Democratic Republic of Congo was shared on the official Twitter of the United Nations Organisation Stabilisation Mission in the DR Congo (MONUSCO).

“Working under UN flag and wearing blue beret for peace and stability in the DRC is an honour for the women peacekeepers,” said Major Rehman. The major has been carrying out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions for effective air operations in the war-torn country.

Pakistani female peacekeepers deployed in DR Congo have been lauded by the UN and US officials multiple times.

Last month, Pakistan’s female peacekeepers, part of MONUSCO, were awarded a UN medal at a ceremony in Adikivu in South Kivu, one of the provinces of the central African country.

The team of 15 female officers, who serve at the ranks of major and captain, have been stationed in the war-torn country since June last year.

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