Fahad Mustafa Govinda

Fahad Mustafa touches Govinda’s feet at award show and social media is not okay with it!

Talented actor Fahad Mustafa received a mixed reaction from fans to his fanboy moment for the legendary Bollywood actor Govinda.

For the starters, the Jeeto Pakistan host, during his acceptance speech after winning the ‘Promising Star of Pakistan’ award, praised the Rangeela Raja actor for being his inspiration, and later touched his feet as a sign of respect in Hindu culture.

Social media users weren’t really feeling the Pul Sirat actor’s gesture for Govinda and suggested that the 39-year-old host shouldn’t have promoted other cultures to his fans.

Mustafa during his speech stated, “Sir, we are your fans. In Pakistan, we used to believe that if one has to act, it should be done like you. I am elated to be standing on the same stage where you were.”

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