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Fahad Mustafa questions his own decision for voting Imran Khan in elections

Pakistan Film industry’s leading actor Fahad Mustafa, seeing the rising inflation in the country, has asked the Prime Minister whether voting for him was the correct call.

On social networking site Twitter, Fahad Mustafa tagged the PM and wrote that he understands that running the country is not an easy task but when Imran Khan was in opposition, he kept telling us that although not easy, it isn’t rocket science either. So, what happened?

Fahad Mustafa went on to ask the Prime Minister that please tell me whether I have made the right decision by voting for you.

This is just one example of the fresh criticism being faced by the government after an unprecedented increase in prices of petroleum products, to the tune of Rs 25 per liter. Social media users, including celebrities, are reacting harshly to the move and calling for the government to take back the price increase. 

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