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FACT CHECK: Punjab MPA Hina Pervez Butt falsely maligned for her ‘act’ during a talk show

Everything you come across on the social media is not bona fide, as most of the material being shared online gets to the top on the platform unfiltered and unverified.

An image of any person can be tarnished in seconds with a piece of false information and that has happened in many cases. The victim can come up with concrete proofs later, only after the damage is done.

The PML-N Member Provincial Assembly of Punjab, Hina Pervez
Butt, recently appeared in a talk show on November 4 hosted by Mansoor Ali Khan at Express News.

At one moment, the politician adjusts her shawl as apparently
her mouth-piece might have been causing a problem and she probably was told by the producer to adjust position of the equipment, however, some elements misinterpreted the moment and accused the MPA of willfully doing the act.

Irrespective of political affiliation of any person, the
spread of misinformation by some people is condemnable and should be
discouraged by those viewing the clip.

The MPA makes statement about her viral video in another show:

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