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Eye-witness of Lahore gang-rape regrets not taking ‘timely action’

An eye-witness of the Lahore gang rape has surfaced, saying he was driving along the same motorway at night of Sept 9 when he saw a woman held by a man.

The eye-witness said he witnessed the assault from a man on the link road and informed police on 15 regarding the incident, Narrating the entire incident, He said that he was coming towards the link-road after dropping his maternal uncle when he saw a man and a woman near a vehicle.

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He further added that “The man was holding the woman with her shoulders and slapped her as I passed by their side,” after that he immediately informed police on the emergency 15 number at 2:45 AM regarding the incident which was taking place at Lahore Motorway.

The eye-witness said that he even informed the police that the area usually remains deserted at the spot. “I apprised them that it looked as if she came on the road to seek help but the man dragged her back,” adding that he went to his home after providing information to the police.

The eye witness said that it was beyond regret for me when I came to know regarding the incident the next day, adding that the incident occurred on a link road connecting Lahore Motorway.

The Punjab police claimed to have identified the village of the suspects involved in the gang rape of a woman before her children at Lahore motorway crime.

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