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Explained: How to fix your draining iPhone battery

iPhone users often complain of draining batteries without knowing that there is one way to find out what is causing the drainage.

Some mobile applications can become a heavy burden on the iPhone battery. Finding out which ones they are and deleting them can help boost battery life. reported The Sun.

The more an app is complicated or badly designed, the more difficult it is for the processors in the phone to work. This results in the drainage.

Some app tasks happen in the background as well, for example, when Google Maps track your location.

How to find out which apps are draining your iPhone’s battery the most?

iPhone allows users to study the amount of battery life each app uses up.

This Apple tool can be used by going to the settings of your phone and then opening the battery section.

Once the battery page loads, tap on “last 10 days”. A report of the apps that have drained your battery in days will appear.

In front of each app, a percentage is written giving you a clear idea of the usage and drainage.

So if an app has 30% next to it, that means it ate up more than a fifth of all the battery life used in the past week and a half.

The report will also show which app was running in the background and for how long.

Users can either delete those apps or turn the “Low Power Mode” at the top. The latter reduces background activity for a while.

Lastly, it is also important to check your battery health. According to The Sun, if the battery health has gone below 80%, the battery is worn and should be upgraded.

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