Hub Dam, WAPDA

Experts warn Hub Dam walls could collapse due to lack of repair for years

WAPDA has warned about the Hub Dam, which was flooded after the rains, saying that the walls of the dam have been weakened due to lack of repairs for many years and it can collapse.

The Hub Dam is the third largest reservoir of water in the country and the government plan to generate electricity from it have been stalled since the 18th Amendment enforcement.

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Karachi also suffered and now this catastrophic threat is looming over the Hub Dam on the border of Sindh and Balochistan.

Covering a vast area of ​​24,300 acres, the Hub Dam meets 20 per cent of Karachi’s and 100 per cent of Hub’s water needs, which have been filled to its full capacity as a result of recent rains.

WAPDA Chief Engineer Muhammad Ehtesham-ul-Haq said that this water is enough to meet the needs of Karachi and Hub for 3 years, but due to years of non-repair, there is a danger of collapse of the dam.

The 18th Amendment has become an obstacle in the construction of a very cheap project to generate 1.4 MW of electricity through Hub Dam.

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