Underwater kite, electricity, tidal wave

Experiments underway to generate electricity using underwater kite

Although we have experimented with generating electricity from kites flying in the air, a new experiment is being conducted with a kite-like swimming device that can generate electricity through tidal waves.

It is called the Manta System, which can produce water not only from the oceans but also from the waves of rivers. The prototype (first sample) has been designed by SRI International Company of California. An amount of $424.2 million has also been provided for further research over the next three years in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley.

The whole project has been given a very interesting name. The project, called Submarine Hydrokinetic and Riverine KMW Systems (Sharks), is now underway in Zurich.

Its heart and brain are kites made of polymer composite foam, which resembles a very similar manta ray fish. The kite is attached to a wire and its front end is mounted like a peg on the sea floor or the part of the river where strong waves are forming. The end of the wire is connected to an electric motor and a generator.

Its angle in the water will be such that the full force of the flow will fall on it, that is, it will be directed towards the slope. This way the wire opens and rotates the generator. This generator generates electricity and stores it in a battery or transmits it directly to the central grid system.

When the wire is fully untied, the rail motor pulls it again and then it is able to generate electricity again. This is how it goes. In this way, a kite can theoretically generate 20 megawatts of electricity.

Work has already been done on underwater turbines and other equipment. Compared to them, Manta is very cheap and easy to install. If there is wildlife, it can be easily wrapped and kept in one place. Also, due to its low weight, it is not very harmful to aquatic life.

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